CR-250RH spectroradiometer

The Colorimetry Research CR-250RH is a compact, high-resolution spectroradiometer with a 4nm bandwidth and 1.6nm/pixel optical resolution.

Features :

ColourSpace Integration, Large 20+mm Spot Size, 4nm Spectral Bandwidth

Uniquely, the CR-250RH has a large 20+mm spot size, with small divergence angle, making it ideal for contact and non-contact measurement of all displays and projectors, and is designed for all display types, including projection and all luminous display technologies, in contact and non-contact modes. Construction is extremely rugged, made of machined aluminium and stainless steel, with all optical components fixed to ensure no optical misalignment can occur, and weighs only 1 pound (0.45kg). All CR-250RH probes are calibrated using NIST traceable calibration standards at a colour temperature of 2856 Kelvins, using a laboratory grade scanning double monochromator and high accuracy filters of known transmittance and chromaticity. Essentially, no other spectroradiometers are used during manufacturing and Q.A. because none of them are as accurate as a laboratory grade scanning double monochromator. Detector: CMOS image sensor, 256 pixels Spectral Range: 380–780 nm Spectral Bandwidth: 4 nm Spectral Accuracy: ±0.3 nm Spectral Resolution: 1.6 nm / pixel Luminance Range: 0.02-154,000 cd/m2 Luminance Accuracy: ±2 % (measured with NIST traceable 2856K light source, at 1.7 cd/m2) Luminance Repeatability: ≤1 % (measured with NIST traceable 2856K light source, at 1.7 cd/m2) Chromaticity Accuracy: ±0.0015 x,y (measured with NIST traceable 2856K light source, at 1.7 cd/m2) Chromaticity Repeatability: 0.0005 x,y (measured with NIST traceable 2856K light source, at 1.7 cd/m2) Polarization error: ≤0.5% Digital Resolution: 16 bits Objective Lens: 50 mm, 60 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm (50 mm is the standard lens - all others are special order) Measurement Spot Size: 20mm at end of hood; 22.6mm at 100mm from hood Spot Size Calculation: = 20mm +0.026*distance to object for 50mm lens Custom Synchronisation: 10 - 10000 Hz Exposure Time Range: 0.02 to 30 seconds Power Requirements: 5V, 120 mA (600 mW) via USB 2.0 Interface: USB 2.0 Weight: 0.45 Kg

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