ColourSpace CMS

ColourSpace is the new de-facto standard for display calibration and colour management

Features :

Building on the unmatched capabilities of Light Illusion's existing calibration system, LightSpace CMS ..

ColourSpace enables unprecedented and previously unachievable levels of accuracy and data reporting for display calibration, colour management, and colour workflows within the professional Film, Post-Production, & Broadcast industries, as well as for Display Manufacturers and Home Cinema enthusiasts. ColourSpace is the new de-facto standard for advanced colour management, guaranteeing the highest possible level of display calibration and colour control, regardless of final application. The most visually impressive capabilities within ColourSpace revolve around the unique graphics capabilities, combined with interactive data manipulation, with 3D CIE, XYZ, and normalised Colour Space Graphs, including Error Tangent lines and colour coded measure points. New user defined patch colour sequences have been implemented for manual TV CMS adjustments, allowing any patch sequences to be imported for either manual or automated measurements. New Remote Control integration allows for the development of third-party programs to both control ColourSpace, as well as receive data from ColourSpace, enabling additional colour management processes outside the direct capabilities of ColourSpace. But, the biggest new capabilities ColourSpace enables is future flexibility. The new code base has been developed to allow unrestricted future development of new calibration tools, graphical layouts, direct data interactivity, and more. ColourSpace really is a totally new approach to calibration, and calibration tools.

Light Illusion sets the Global Standard for Display Calibration, Colour Management, and Image Guarantee

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