HIGH POWER Transmitters – LIQUID Cooling

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Liquid cooling, Hot-plug Modules, High Efficiency Doherty, All bands: BI, BIII, UHF

Liquid cooling Hot-plug Modules High Efficiency Doherty. All bands: BI, BIII, UHF All standards : DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T / Tb, ATSC / ATSC 3.0, PAL / NTSC, possibility of Dual-Cast Analogue/Digital BTESA design has many standout features: Electrical system Protections Large mains input voltage range (± 20%) Robust TVSS protections at transmitter input and also at each amplifier input: Power factor > 0.95. Option for full redundancy of Power supplies at each amplifier Logic control unit Protections Hardware backup for the logic control, so that the logic control unit can be removed even in operation and the transmitter will continue working safely thanks to the hardware protections. High Efficiency Wide band or narrow band Doherty Pumps and fans with temperature controlled speed Easy maintenance Easy access to all components. Integrated Test bench for amplifiers. BTESA designs and manufactures all the circuits and modules of its transmitters, and therefore can guarantee the availability of spare parts through the lifetime of the equipment. Liquid cooling system protections Redundant pump, possibility to switch periodically between the two pumps Independent control unit for the liquid system Monitoring of temperature, flow meters and pressure sensors Local and remote monitoring Colour Touch-Screen and event log. Remote monitoring and control though webserver or SNMP

BTESA is the Spanish leading provider of TV Transmitters and high power Solid State Amplifier systems.

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