MULTI-CHANNEL Transmitters and Repeaters

Features :

Cover small populations at low cost, up to 6 RF channels are integrated, with 5W or 10W output power

Integrates up to six 5W channels in one chassis, including multiplexer Hot-plug modules, without affecting the operation of the other channels Transmitters, Gap-fillers and Transmitters can be mixed in the same chassis Hot-plug common power supply, option for redundant power supply. Logic control unit integrated in the chassis, with display. Independent monitoring demodulator per channel Powerful adaptive echo canceller allows canceling echoes up to + 18dB above the input signal. The attenuation of the main echo is higher than 35 dB (typical 40 dB) Adaptive precorrector in both Transmitters and Gap-Fillers Outstanding wide dynamic input range (from -75dBm to 0dBm) which allows its use in different situations regarding output power, echoes, out-of-band signals, … Output power Dynamic regulation to guarantee MER in case of changing conditions (fading input signal)

BTESA is the Spanish leading provider of TV Transmitters and high power Solid State Amplifier systems.

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