FS-900 Camera Fiber System

The FS-900 is a new camera mounted Fiber optic system designed for JVC's GY-HM890 and GY-HC900 camcorders.

Features :

The system supports 3G-SDI 1080p/60 camera feeds and returns + video-over-IP functionality.

• Cost-efficient 1 / 2 or 3 camera studio configuration with single base station. • The high quality 1080p video signals are ideal for webcasts, virtual sets, and image magnification (I-MAG) • The system integrates easily with any studio, mobile truck, or portable flypack, and connects directly with a facility's switcher, router, intercom, and house sync systems. • Up to three cameras are supported by the Base Station, and its power supplies provide up to 150 watts for each camera, as well as prompters and talent monitors. Its three-in-one configuration provides a more cost efficient solution than other multi-camera solutions previously offered by JVC and other manufacturers. • Supports 1080 50/60p 3G-SDI camera feed and returns. • It transports multiple bi-directional 3G-SDI signals • It transports control, audio, sync, and intercom between the camera and the FS-900 Base Station. • Optical connectors available for opticalCON DUO, SMPTE 304M • The camera module is available in 2 configurations: FS-900CAM1N (Neutrik Opticalcon connector) FS-900CAM1S (SMPTE connector) • The camera module connects directly to the back of GY-HM890 or GY-HC900 camcorder via 68-pin interface • Remote Power Hybrid Fiber Connector • Intercom 2-Wire or 4-Wire • Intercom RTS, Clear-Com • HDMI / SDI feeds for high-quality HD teleprompters. • Gigabit Ethernet for Video-over-IP and web-based RCU. • Camera adapter design allows to use VF-HP790 or generic SDI monitors as studio VF.

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