It consists on six high efficiency 2KW amplifiers, FMA 2000 HE, with >73% efficiency and the EM 100 DIG PLUS, a 100W FM transmitter

Features :

This product has been created by the OMB for high efficiency transmitters with hot plug modules

– Typical AC efficiency >73% and typical RF efficiency of 80%. – Six hot plug and hot swap amplifying units, each one has two amplifying modules of 1.200W with robust LDMOS transistors of the latest technology. – Power supplies connected in parallel to maintain the equipment working in case any of them fails. The power supplies of the amplifier are hot removable and interchangeable. – TFT screen and touch keyboard to control and to visualize operation parameters. – Memory recording of events. – Speed control of cooling fans according to temperature of power modules so as to optimize consumption and to decrease acoustic contamination. – Advanced protection against load mismatches without transmission cuts and fast protection in case of excessive reflected power and/or excessive input power. – Analog telemetry, digital remote control and telemetry RS232, remote control by opened/closed contacts. – Low pass filter, Mains EMI filter and internal single-phase transient suppressor. – Automatic power reduction at night when used in combination with the EM 100 DIG PLUS transmitter. – Automatic power reduction in case of high temperature, the equipment returns automatically to its rated power value when the temperature reaches back an average value. – Automatic power reduction in case of excessive reflected power. – Automatic voltage control for efficiency optimization.

OMB Broadcast develops, manufactures and sells FM Transmitters, Digital TV transmitters DVB-T/T2, ATSC, ATCS 3.0, ISDB-T/Tb and Antenna Systems for FM, TV and STL .

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